Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most widespread that today’s technology is able to exploit. Although involving the surface of the planet, does not fall anywhere with the same intensity. Varies largely depending on the latitudes and climatic conditions. The photovoltaic enjoys great attention because of ductile applications in which it can express itself. Fundamental objective remains anyway obtaining the maximum performance possible in order to make it more economical.



In the design phase you must avoid mistakes in identifying of the place where a plant is installed. In particular it must not show up elements that diminish or negate the intensity of sunlight invalidating the “production” of electricity.

Some physical elements may be taken into account as fixed (shadows of trees, neighboring buildings, chimneys, etc.), while others are considered to be variable and related to the likelihood of their occurrence (deposit of dirt on the panel, weather conditions, etc.).

In addition, each module has both a native tolerance (“adjusting tolerance”) and aging (“aging tolerance”). Most commercial modules has an initial tolerance of between 2% and 5%. Important to note that these inefficiencies do not occur uniformly across all modules.